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Do you run a business and have a ton of great ideas but no time to execute them? Have you started a project but stopped half way through because you didn't have time to finish it? Are you buried in paperwork and not sure where to go from here?

That's where BIG Picture Management comes in. We understand the grind of business, the impatient customers, the 3am work nights. Our goal is to eliminate your stress, and get your business on track which will result in happy customers and higher revenues!


In business, there is a lot more required than simply knowing "a lot" about your field. This is where we help. With a background in marketing & social media, customer service, management, sales, technical support and more, we have all of the tools to create an organized workplace for you!

Sometimes all it takes is a 10 minute conversation that can make all the difference. Let's talk so we can get your business to where you want it! We want to hear your ideas so we can help make them become a reality. And let us be the first to remind you that you are a BIG DEAL.


Time to put the pen to the paper.



BPM is available to service all of your business needs. Whether it's basic planning, or more in-depth organization, we are here to help grow and take your business to new heights.

Services offered (but not limited to):

- web-design

- videography

- drone photography & video

- marketing

- business management solutions

- sales

- recruitment

- budgeting  


We'll put the pieces together for you.

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Over the past 15 years, Steve has been helping businesses thrive. Whether it's developing programs for a hockey school, creating a professional business website, or helping manage a service company, Steve 
has combined his creativity and customer service background to help his clients reach new heights. 


Steve has a degree in Journalism & Communications Media, is a self-published author, and has recently completed a full-length feature film.

Steve Duncan

President, BIG Picture Management

Let's get started!

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